Network Management & Security


Network Management & Security

Nothing will disrupt your business more than an under performing network or server. You can spend hours trying to determine if the problem is with your firewall, your server or an internet issue. Downtime is costly and directly impacts your bottom line.

Network Management

Servers and networks can be complicated things. Even simple peer-to-peer networks can be time consuming to manage and repair. Add inline of business applications, SQL servers, Exchange servers, Active Directory, DNS, DHCP and it can quickly get overwhelming.

We have experience with everything from simple workgroup networks to networks with multiple servers and multiple locations. Our clients range in size from less than five users with a Small Business server to 100 plus users with five to ten servers.

Our experts can quickly diagnose your problem and provide timely, reliable service either remotely or on site.

Network Support Contracts

Our network support contracts give our customers piece of mind. They know we are actively monitoring and maintaining their networks and should something go wrong they have a guaranteed response time to minimize costly downtime. We provide a single point of contact for all network issues.

Help Desk Services

Sometimes just finding the right person to call can be a challenge. Your computer is running slow so you call the hardware vendor. They tell you to call Microsoft and from there you're told its not a Windows issue, its a software issue. You can spend all day on the phone and still not have a resolution.

Our help desk services give you one number to call. We will quickly diagnose the issue and address it. If 3rd party support is needed we will coordinate that on your behalf while you get back to work.



Many companies are not as concerned with the security of their networks as they should be. "Why would someone hack into our network, were so small?" They have passwords and their internet provider installed a firewall with their internet service, isn't that enough?

In today's online world it is not nearly enough!

Security of your network and data should be a major concern. Just dropping in a firewall and having antivirus is not enough, that is just the beginning. You must have layers of security.


You are not just protecting your network, you are protecting your data. Not so long ago the biggest concern was getting a virus that would leave your computer unusable and we installed antivirus to protect our computers. Hackers and thieves no longer want to damage your computer, they want to steal your data: and your customers data. Credit card numbers, SIN, email addresses, passwords, bank accounts. They have real value in the real world and they are stored on your network.

Limited Resources

Many of our customers are concerned about their security but have limited resources to address the problem. We have helped numerous small businesses address this issue. You have to find the right balance between cost and security. No two companies are the same and a customized solution is needed to address the individual needs. That is where the value of knowledge and experience come in.

Consider this scenario:

A small business with 10 employee's has a single server, 10 computers and is connected to the internet. They purchased a firewall/router from the local big box store and installed it by following the included instructions. They have antivirus installed on each computer and update it whenever prompted. Is this an appropriate level of security?

If this company is a small engine repair shop that fixes yard equipment then yes this could be appropriate. I would want to know what data they are storing on the server. If the server was just being used for authenticating user accounts, printing and storing part descriptions downloaded from the internet then they are very close. I would recommend replacing the firewall with a higher end device from Sonicwall with yearly updates and adding a malware scanner along with their antivirus.

If this company is an accounting firm storing customer finance statements and tax records then no, they are not addressing their security needs. Here are a few recommendations:

Firewall - a retail firewall is not going to provide the security they need. They need a unified threat management firewall from a security expert such as Barracuda or Sonicwall and maintained and updated as needed.

Antivirus/Antimalware - They must have antivirus software along with antimalware software installed on each computer, updated regularly with scheduled scans.

Web Filter - Most threats are introduced into the network via web browsing. With such sensitive data on the server I would consider installing a web filter to restrict web browsing and to ensure no malware is introduced into the network.

Policies - With sensitive data on the network they need a robust set of policies to ensure employee's are not disclosing data via email or thumb drives.

Backup - How are they backing up their data? Are they copying it to a thumb drive that an employee takes home, is it being uploaded to a cloud provider located in the US? I would recommend a robust, encrypted system that meets industry regulations.


If you add in email on their existing server the situation only gets more complicated.

You can rely on A&J Networking to provide the appropriate level of security that meets your needs and fits your budget.


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